Look Skinny With The Best Shapewear

Who doesn’t want to look slender and fit in their holiday party dress? Keep reading for info about some of the best women’s shapewear for every budget.

Ideally, you will have spent the last few months working out, getting ready for the holiday season. However, if you haven’t had time or want a little help to look as thin and toned as possible, there are options. When you want to lose inches and reshape your body and don’t have time to do it with diet and exercise, slimming underwear is your answer.
We generally buy shapewear when we want to look slimmer and minimize problem areas. Women also purchase body shapers for post-surgery recovery whether for postpartum recovery or other surgeries. Sometimes it’s as simple as a desire to look like you’ve taken inches off in your party dress.

There are many different body shapers offering varying levels of support. If you need minimal shaping and mostly want to smooth lumps and bumps or minimize your hips, lightweight shapers are a good option.

However, if you want to lose inches and really transform your body in your party dress, you need ultra firm control shapewear. From a girdle or waist cincher to make your waist tiny to full body briefers, high-waist thigh slimmers, and full body slips there is a body shaper for every woman and every kind of dress. Slimming undergarments come in a huge range of sizes from extra small to a range of plus size shapewear for fuller figured women.

If you already have your party dress, you will simply need to find foundation undergarments that work with that dress. If not, look for dresses that will best flatter your figure and then find shapewear to make your body look fantastic. The best way to look beautiful and confident in your party dress this holiday season is to wear the right body shaper.

Again, select shapewear that works well with the dress you are wearing. Strapless slips for a strapless dress and thigh slimmers for a dress that is more form fitting on the bottom half. With the right shaping underwear, you can look 10 pounds thinner so you look and feel more confident.

Here are my top shapewear picks so you look your best in your party dress.
Most likely, you’ve heard of Spanx. The Spanx Slimplicity Slip is in the Spanx super-duper shaping category, their maximum level of shaping. Made in a lightweight but firm compression control fabric, this offers great support to slim you in your party dress. If the top of your dress is looser, and the bottom formfitting, try a Spanx thigh slimmer under your dress.

The Flexees by Maidenform Easy Up Easy Down Slip is a great foundation undergarment and has the added bonus of also being sexy and affordable. The Easy Up Slip is strapless but has convertible straps if you want them. It gives you that hourglass figure in a full body firm control slip that is easy to get on and easy to take off as the name suggests.

Vedette makes a top notch Compression Corselette Body Shaper to make your waist look tiny and to offer tummy control and minimize love handles.. The Vedette Corselette is basically a high waisted girdle offering strong compression and firm control just where you want it so you get a smooth hourglass silhouette. You can wear the corselette with pant suits, dresses or casual party separates if you aren’t a dress girl.

The Flexees by Maidenform Take Inches Off Slip is another favorite slimming garment to wear under your party dress. This slimming full slip takes inches off at every angle of your body. Another plus is that you can wear your own bra with it. When you first put the slip on, it feels restrictive but you may find like I did, that your posture is improved and that you are standing a little taller with your tummy pulled in when you wear it.

When choosing the right slip to make you look svelte in your holiday dress, determine if you want lightweight shapers or if you want some firm support foundation undergarments that will really take inches off your body but may not be as comfortable.

You may opt for high waist briefs, a waist cincher, a girdle, strapless slips or thigh slimmers to minimize your problem areas so you feel fantastic this holiday season. Make the right shapewear your secret trick to look thin in your party dress this season.