How To Control Calorie Intake…

Got some weight issue?

Then one of the problems you have is not controlling your calorie intake, to have great body you must have a balance in and out of calorie. To get calorie out, it is clear that you have to exercise so the fat could be burned into sweat. To burn about 400-500 calorie you would need to run 4 miles and about 40 minute. So to make a balance in calorie you need to know how many calorie intake you take every day…

To measure how many calorie intakes is not an easy task, you need to make a list of the food and drink you eat every single day. Now to make it easier, I recommend that you only make the list of food and drink you are generally eat. So the sketch of your daily food and drink should do enough. Example: my daily calorie intake, I eat 4 times a day. Breakfast that I have is generally 2 boiled egg (77 cal each slice), orange juice (110 cal 1 cup) and 2 bread (172 cal per piece’s). This breakfast would give me a calorie intake about 650 calorie. At lunch hour I usually eat 3 slice of meat lover pizza (500 cal each slice), with a soda diet (0 cal 1 can). At noon I usually take a quick snack at the café near my office which I would generally eat 1 croissant (250 cal) and 1 glass of coffee (2.5 cal), and dinner I would usually eat sirloin meat (200 cal) and glass of water (0 cal). So the total intake I would have is about 2500 which is the average normal guy calorie intake. How much calorie do you generally eat everyday?

The average woman would have a calorie intake about 2000 calorie per day and average guy would have a calorie intake about 2500 calorie per day. If you take more calorie than the average then you know that to reduce 500 calorie you would need 40 minute and 4 mil run.

To check the calorie in the food you generally use (see resource box)

Most people that has weight problem has the calorie intake range about 3000-5000 calorie intake a day, now those who have problem with this, it would be hard to have the average calorie intake. I would suggest slimming pills to help you in controlling average calorie intake.

Slimming pills have a various effect in helping you controlling your calorie; these are the effect you might want to take (Fat binder and appetite suppressant)

Fat binder could bind the excess fat out from your food, which mean in the body the excess fat would not be absorbed. This would make you more reduce fat in your body.

Appetite suppressant could take away your appetite, it work by fooling you mind thinking that you are full which you are not.

From the example above I took diet soda as my meal companion but this is the wrong move if I say, soda has it part in the people obesity. And diet soda wouldn’t help either, because recent study shown that those who take diet soda is in risk of being obesity than those who drink regular soda.

For more info on the diet soda and obesity, click the resource box

The best way to avoid this is not to take soda drink as your meal companion, use juice instead.