Chinese Slimming Tea – Burn Extra Fat and Stay Fit

The Chinese are among the slimmest people in the world. They credit this to their lifestyle and the medicinal qualities of the food and herbs that they consume. One of the most popular slimming products, the Wu-Yi tea, originated from the Chinese, and they have been enjoying the healthy benefits of this Wu-Yi tea diet for hundreds of years already. The Wu-Yi tea diet has gained solid following from people around the world, especially in U.S., where some celebrities advocate on the health benefits of the Wu-Yi tea.

Tea has been a part of the culture and tradition of the Chinese, and they enjoy so many varieties of tea not only because of its health benefits, but also for its taste and aroma. The tea-drinking habits of the Chinese bring them great skin and healthy bodies; they have the lowest levels of heart disease and prostate cancer in the world. The Wu-Yi tea is harvested in the mountains of the Fujian Province, where the weather is perfect for the cultivation of tea. Given the medicinal properties of tea, it’s not a surprise that those on a Wu-Yi tea diet claim that the tea has the ability to soothe the mind, uplift the spirit and fights aging and obesity. No wonder that tea is a staple in wellness programs. It’s actually considered that tea is the second most commonly drunk beverage in the planet, second only to water, of course.

The Wu-Yi tea diet is effective in losing weight because of the substances that the tea contains. It contains polyphenol, a substance responsible for the tea’s ability to burn fat and promotes general healthy and beauty to one’s body. The Wu-Yi tea has very powerful antioxidants that help fight obesity and destroy the free radicals present in our body. The free radicals are responsible for the body’s receptiveness to diseases like stoke and cancer, and is also responsible for the fast aging of the skin.

Those who are on Wu-Yi tea diet discovered that the tea has numerous health benefits, which include:

” Stronger bones and whiter teeth; less susceptibility to tooth decay

” Healthy and clearer skin, without the appearance of dark pigmentation and liver spots

” Increased resistance against common and serious diseases

” Increased overall metabolism and energy levels

” Stronger kidneys and spleen

” Clearer mind and spirit

” Increased resistance to the aging process

The Wu-Yi tea diet actually gives a person the benefits that can be derived from drinking both green and black tea, although Wu-Yi is better recommended for those who want to lose weight. The taste of the tea can’t be faulted either; the distinctive taste and flavorful aroma makes dieting more easy and delightful than it actually is.

The effect of Wu-Ti tea in weight loss will vary from person to person, depending on the weight, sex, lifestyle and level of activity. Those with faster metabolisms will lose the pounds faster, while those with slower levels will have to take more tea in order to see results.